All Roofing Repairs- Your best time to project your roofs to being watertight.

If you’re experiencing any form of leaks, water damage or little deterioration to your roofing system, endevour to select a commercial roofing contractor you know you can trust and Omegagroup is your best shot for this kind of project

We’ll come out to repair your leaks and practically fix any water damage while ensuring that there is minimal disruption to your regular business operations for excellent return on investment as the case may be.Basic Issues/Problems we can solve accurately includes the following:

    • Basic Leaks
    • Exterior Wall Systems
    • Metal Cladding
    • Metal Roofs
    • Shingles
    • Water damage
    • Wind damage
    • Punctures
    • Pollutants
    • Deterioration
    • Damaged flashings
    • And many more

Commercial Roof Inspection – We also perform Roof Forensics and audit

Not sure if you have any damage to your commercial or industrial roof? We can complete a routine/vigorous inspection of your roof to ensure that there are no underlying leaks or additional damage that needs to be attended to without hitches.

Additionally, this allows you to have an up to date knowledge on the current condition of your roof. Water intrusion and roof damage can often be difficult to detect without proper training and an inspection. At Omegagroup, our commercial roof inspection includes:

    • Detailed Photographs
    • Detailed and practically enclosed written assessment
    • Effective and Cost-minimal repair or replacement solutions
    • Positive Roof repair estimates for insurance claims

Based on our results, we will determine if there is any service or repairs that can be performed and will provide you with recommendations to address your current roofing needs. Plus, we’ll work with you to develop a customized budget and timeline for your business based on your individual needs.

Learn how to plan, prioritize and budget for commercial roof repairs and maintenance.

With Omegagroup,all your problems are easily solved

We’re completely dedicated to setting the highest standards in workmanship, materials and safety to deliver the best digital and technologically driven solutions for all of our customers needs. When you work with us, we’ll see the entire project through from start to finish. We back all of our repairs and will follow-up with you and make sure everything is working properly following completion of the project. Rest easy knowing that Omegagroup has got you covered.

When your roofs are not properly repaired or attended to, minor or even major problems could result in more costly repairs or even early replacement. Let’s get started and get your roof watertight today.

Reach out to us to get your commercial or industrial roof repaired today.