Our Green Roofing Options

 Looking for environmentally friendly roofing solutions? Garden roofs, cool roofs and skylights are some of the options available today. In addition to systems and accessories, CentiMark strives to be good stewards of our environment throughout our roofing projects by recycling as much as possible.


Through prismatic skylights or light tubes you can use the natural sunlight to illuminate the interior space of your facility without needing to rely on electrical lighting.


Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Panels are designed to produce electricity from exposure to the sun's radiant energy. Since no fuels are used to produce it, this is considered “free” energy.

Cool Roofs

Looking for a material that is highly reflective of the sun’s radiant heat? Consider installing a cool roof.

Garden Roofs

Looking to incorporate vegetation on your roof’s surface? A garden roof is the perfect solution.