Asset Management for Your Roof

In-depth knowledge of your roof for effective management.

Knowing the condition of your roof section by section can be critical when looking at repair or replacement options! We’ve got just the program for the job.

Our Roof Asset Management Program is our most comprehensive and detailed roof evaluation report, providing analysis of each roof section. This program provides you with ample data as well as a Roof Life Index score (RLI) from 1 to 100 to help identify each roof section’s remaining useful life.

A scope of work with recommendations based on the overall condition of your roof is then developed. We will provide you with recommendations on service programs, repairs, replacement options, budgeting numbers and more. If the work is performed then we will also define the additional service life of your roof.

This is the ideal program for customers who want the most in-depth knowledge of their roof’s current condition and the overall expected service life of your roof. The end result is objective data and details on your roof, giving clear direction for budgeting both capital and operating roof-related expenses. With Asset Management, receive invaluable information that you can use to make the best decisions for your building and your business.

At CentiMark, we offer both Asset Management and Asset Alert Programs to our customers based on their individual needs. Take a look:


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When you understand your roof by section, you are able to make the most accurate and informed decisions for your business. At CentiMark, we’re dedicated to keeping you as informed as possible while ensuring that all of your questions or concerns are addressed. We are committed to making ourselves stand out from the rest by providing unparalleled communication and keeping your customer experience seamless from start to finish. Partner with us and let us show you the CentiMark difference today.

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